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Vastu Ratnalu for Home: Buy

Vastu ratnas will help to neutralize the negative force in ones house, if a set of vassthu ratnas are placed in the four corners of a house and a crystal is placed in the center the house will be fully energized and no geo-pathic stress or negative elements will no longer reside an individual’s house. These vasthu ratnas will energized a 1200 sft flat.


Vastu Defects Neutralizer: Buy

The Vastu Defects Neutralizer has the power to correct vastu doshas and full fill the requirements of its residents. This vastu power box has the power of neutralizing / removing geopathic lines.

Copper rods and Pendulum

Copper rods and Pendulum: Buy

We can check the positive energy by Pendulum or L rod.

cosmic healing

Conch: Buy

Used to remove Negative Energy.

mantra and tantra healing

Red Jasper: Buy

It is posible to defend from the dangers of fire is in the south-east.

cosmic healing

Amazonite: Buy

Helps the mind remain calm durong stress which enables you to use you intuition while also being practicle.

energy healing

Amber: Buy

Assists recovery from depression.Attracts happiness and happy people to you.

soul healing

Amethyst: Buy

Amethyst Absorbs and transmutes negativity.Soothes nightmares and aids creativity.

theta healing

Ametrine: Buy

A mixture of amethyst and citrine, this helps combine the physical world with the spiritual.

crystal and gems healing

Aventurine: Buy

Calms tempers and brings balance to the family.

geopathic stress

Azurite: Buy

Helps tochange negative patterns such as arguments caused by resentment.

pranic healing

Bloodstone: Buy

stop people feeling thretened and makes them feel as if they have a protective amntle.

mantra and tantra healing

Citrine: Buy

Known as the 'cuddle stone', this will give you a feeling of having company even if you are lonely.

yogic energy healing

Clear Quartz: Buy

This crystal amplifies and transforms energy. It is a very powerful tool, but must be used correctly, as it can also mirror the energy already present.

theta healing

Fluorite: Buy

Relieves anxiety and worry, and helps to change outdated thought patterns.

counch healing

Garnet: Buy

Helps you to be persistent when striving to reach a goal, how you your innermost and true self.

geopathic stress

Hematite: Buy

Give self-esteem, while keeping your feet on the ground.

pranic healing

Jasper: Buy

Re-connects you to your spritual self in times of worldly matters.


Kyanite: Buy

Emotionally calming and strengthening.


Malachite: Buy

Balance right and left brain, whipst enabling creativity and change.


Turquoise: Buy

Makes decisions clearer as you see what you really need as opposed to what you think you want.

soul healing

Crystal: Buy

Used to remove Negative Energy.

theta healing

Tourmaline: Buy

This is the south-west from the Black Magic and also protects it from the elements on earth.

flower healing

Blue Lace Agate: Buy

Blue Lace Agate: Allows self-expression without aggression.

indian vedic healing and remedies

Blue Obsidian: Buy

Balances the digestive system and clears toxins, preventinf infection.

astrology and rituals

Blue Topaz: Buy

Gives people the ability to communicate and encourages creavity.

karmic healing

Carnelian: Buy

Assist in decision-making especially when in an arbitary role.

devine healing

Celestite: Buy

Encourages peace and serenity.

healing prayer

Chrysocolla: Buy

Gives self-confidence in personal expression. Brings harmony and peace to a grieving heart.

sankalpa siddhi healing

Chrysoprase: Buy

This will help when moving home as it bring success to new enterprises.

indian vedic healing and remedies

Labradorite: Buy

Nurtures psychic ability. Helps you to 'see' more clearly.

astrology and rituals

Lapis Lazuli: Buy

Reveals inner truth and encourages meaningful communion.

angel healing

Moonstone: Buy

Restores emotional balance, especially to those who find expressing their emotions difficult.

sankalpa siddhi healing

Peridot: Buy

Helps to disperse tension, especially when feelings have been hurt.

energy healing

Rhodonite: Buy

Enables patience, and harmony with your family, while giving you enough assertiveness to help you stand your ground.

soul healing

Rose Quartz: Buy

Bring self-love, heals emotional wounds and helps overcome grief of any kind.

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