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Vastu is as universal as the rays of the Sun and it promises to set the record straight. Just as a shadow follows an individual, Vastu follows you in such a manner. You can take its help if you want and lead a life of misery on your own conditions. Vastu always affects lives the only difference is in some cases, there is quick effect in some others it is delayed.

A lot depends on the environment. Vastu is just like air, although not visible, its existence cannot be ruled out. In the same manner vastu's existence cannot be ruled out along with its effect on the human race. It is the influence of Vastu that is all pervading, more so on the human dwellings and dwellers.

Vastu consultant is the right answer to all your problems related to the construction or rehabilitation projects. You might have faced hardships in the past due to some decisions gone wrong or some advice gone against your well being but not all vastu professionals are as skimpily skilled and you should always seek the help of an expert vastu consultant instead of compromising in terms of money, time or any other factor. Following the right advice from an expert will not only reap greater benefits but it can also help you to take corrective steps for anything untoward done in the past to avoid hampering your success in the future.

Apart from earning crores of rupees, the householder can live with peace and harmony. From the very beginning we have been in touch with the rich who lack a peace of mind, so the importance of peace of mind is inevitable. The influence of vastu on the the peace of mind of the house holders is manifold. Those who suffer from ill health, wealth, debts, quarrels, court cases, property loss, misunderstandings, family troubles, disputes, frustration and tension and they look forward to peace. Those who are frustrated & have a negative outlook will crave for positive changes the only answer is vastu.

vastu effect on family

vastu effect on family

vastu effect on body

vastu effect on human body

vastu effect on human body and family

vastu effect on human body and family

Those who follow vastu principles in matters of construction attain their goals and achieve perfect happiness. The detrimental evils of vastu result in an increase of debt, in addition to depression, suicide, stress, tension, depression, unnecessary quarrels, differences between wife and husband, hampered children education, detrimental health conditions and so forth. Unhealthy or weak children, loss of child or curse in that case the child is born handicapped, with diseases, improper business, loss of interest in the capital, lack of peace of mind, misunderstandings or confusions, deadly diseases such as cancer, AIDS, paralysis, heart-diseases, blood intoxications , fear or complex, becoming sanyasis ( Rushis ), mentally retarted, taking law in to one's own hands, faulty business, craving for sexual desires, unnecessary quarrels among wife and husbands, suspicious, angry moods, unnecessary quarrels among the family members and with outsiders, hatred, plan to kill each other, thefts, fire complex, sudden accidents, skin diseases, unemployment, not having good opportunities to serve in foreign countries etc are all effects of bad vastu.

With regard to daughters: Marital affairs, domestic feuds, dowry issues are faced by daughters at an increased rate these days.

As a result they become a burden on the parents' shoulders. Problems between husband and wife & pressurizing parent for more money or dowry is another issue related to bad vastu of the place and inhabitants. All these things can be rectified with the use of vaastu shastra. Believe or not, those things cannot be expressed but those who experience it can rectify it totally. These immoral things can't be expressed in writing only those who feel or have feeled it in the past can tell how it feels. Following simple vastu principles can change the course of your life and infuse positivity into it to help you prosper in personal as well as professional aspects.But following vaastu can easily replace in positively in future with hesitation. The "vaastu" it is god's gifted science, is really expressing our thanks to the Almighty for replacing faults. We also thankful to the learned scholars in vastu for giving remedies. Let this stream of vasthu will be helpful to the forth coming generations to lead peaceful life. Whether you believe or not vasthu stands for construction of houses to live happy life this is our intense & desire.

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