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Crystal Healing therapy

Crystals, as we know today are seen in many forms and shapes which are used mainly for decorative purpose. But, the word “crystal” has an entirely different meaning for T. K. N. Prasad and it means a source to drive away the negative energy from the body.

The original crystals (as found with us) are obtained from the deep layers of Earth, where the crystals develop because of thousands of years of reactions inside the soil. Therefore, each crystal contains a unique vibration and resonance. Each crystal has a unique quality because of the mineral composition, geographical variations and the generation of frequency due to the colour. They owe their unique qualities to their mineral content, their inherent geometry and the colour frequency they emit. They are useful for healing various problems in the body and a professional healer can determine which crystal is perfect for a particular problem.

The Types of Crystals used for Healing

As mentioned before there are many shapes and forms of crystals. However, the most refined and the purest ones are those available with the professional healers. There are mainly two types of Crystal forms used for Crystal Healing – Spatika Linga and Crystal rod.

  • Spatika Linga is a very powerful source to remove any negative vibrations from the house and the body. In Linga Purana, it is written that praying or meditating on the Spatika Linga through milk or water can help an individual so immensely that he can become a success within days or weeks. In addition, praying a Spatika Linga also means praying the all-powerful Lord Shiva, which helps to repel all the negative influences on the soul and attract positive energy through Divine Blessings
  • Crystal Rods are highly refined forms of the crude crystals available inside the Earth. They can be held in the hands of an individual to clear themselves from negative energy. The rods work precisely on the problems and are great to heal one of worldly problems. But, these crystals require special handling, which we will discuss in another section.

The Advantages of Crystal Healing

After a lot of research and practise, Professional Healers like T. K. N. Prasad found out wonderful benefits of this healing therapy through crystals. The major advantage of crystal healing is that the crystals can detect the radiation in the Geopathic lines. If there are bones under a construction or any other bad spirit, crystals work effectively to remove the waves emitted from such horrible sources. In this way, the place (be it house or office) and the members present in the place can protect themselves from negative energy and its terrible effects. There are other advantages such as:

  • Improvement in knowledge and educational skills.
  • Increase in immunity of a body.
  • Removal of geological ill effects from the place.
  • Protection of vehicles from accidents.
  • Improving the positive energy in the area.
  • Removal of Curses effects on the body.