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Vastu Ratanalu for homes:

Our home is our biggest and stronger holder of energy we spend our time relaxing and recharges at our home mostly. Our home if full of positive energy will radiate and give us the Positive energy to us lot of bad or negative energy are picked up by us. When we are at work place or during travel, these energy stays in our energy fields and contaminate our aura and home. These will be released in our homes which slowly get this low energy.

Our home will be absorb this energy and instead of radiating positive energy will be in negative energy slowly we absorb these energies and have low energies. T.K.N Prasad who has chosen the vastu ratanalu with his experiences. By playing the vastu ratanalu in our home we can eliminate negative energies, our home will be full of positive energy our home starts to radiate energies, these by energies us by playing the crystals in the positions. Small vastu defects can be neutralized with the positive energies of crystallized brining more love and peace and properties to our homes.

If our home has vastu defects it will affect the members of the home. According to Krishna vastu

Due to these defects it may effect

  1. Health
  2. Prosperity
  3. Education of children

Crystals may neutralize few defects by placing vastu ratnas in respective positions or places

  1. Northeast corner (Eesanyam) - place QUARTZ CRYSTAL
  2. Opposite Southeast corner ( Agneyam) - Red jasper
  3. Southwest corner (Niruthi) - Black tourmaline
  4. Northwest corner (Vayuvyam) - Blue Turqurenite

The positive effects of vastu ratnas are some times more than wearing them as rings etc.

We can check the positive by Pendulum or L rod.

If the pendulum moves the anti clock wise direction it indicates negativity. If it moves in clock wise it indicates positive energy. If the copper rods moves oppistie towards each other then it indicates negativity. If it moves towards each other then it indicates positive energy. After placing energy crystal vinayaka in puja room, may increase happiness. Lord Quartz crystal Ganesh neutralize all major geopathic stress and earth energies. By having rose quartz in the room, the possibility of increase of love among members in the home. You can place these crystals in rented homes as you can easily remove them and shift them and install new your premises. These vastu ratnalu can we placed in shops, offices, and business establishment. It is likely vastu ratnalu can to some extent neutralize to small defects. Wishing every home to have positive vastu energy.

Copper rod (or) L rod

Copper L rods



Neutralize your negative energy by placing correct tumbled stones in different areas of your home


In Master Bed Room

In Master Bed Room: This is also a main room and often has relationship problems. This is where I would suggest putting one of the crystal grids. For the 'master' stone I have chosen Turqurenite, which is actually a dyed form of Howlite, the colour change slightly altering its properties towards encouraging passion. The centre stone, to me, should always be a Clear Quartz. Turqurenite is used to Reduces pain, and in a healthy person, brings passion and vitality

The other stones in my grid are Black Tourmaline for understanding, Howlite, to prevent insomnia, Citrine, so that even if you are alone, you won't feel lonely, with two more Clear Quartz to make sure you are in tune, by mirroring each other, and Selenite, to ensure that your shared journeys, whether through the paths of passion or sleep, are harmonious and filled with spiritual awareness. It is a very powerful tool, but must be used correctly, as it can also mirror the energy already present and Clear Quartz also used for, amplifies and transforms energy. Black Tourmaline used for Repels negativity, whether from inside or outside the home. Provides a protective barrier.


In Living Room

In Living Room: This room will probably take the brunt of all family discussions and disagreements. It will also be subject to the very negative electrical energy of the TV set, and these things need to be countered. Rhodonite will help with family discussions and help the family members treat each other with patience. Place a piece of Rhodenite at each corner of the room, so that all points of the compass are covered.

Turquoise will help disburse the TV's negative input, and a piece of rose quartz (regularly cleansed) will help prevent headaches, which might be induced by the TV without it. Rose Quartz, Brings self-love, heals emotional wounds and helps overcome grief of any kind. Turquoise, Makes decisions clearer as you see what you really need as opposed to what you think you want.


In Bath Room

In Bath Room: You can really indulge your crystal comforts in the bathroom, and always remember that candlelight encourages and reflects the crystal's energy around the room. To make the ultimate in relaxing baths, add to the water some rose oil, dried rose petals, a sprig of rosemary, some vanilla oil and a piece of rose quartz. Another good crystal in the bathroom is smoky quartz.

If you place a piece in your washing or bath water, or attach it to the shower head, it will cleanse the water you use to cleanse your skin, of all negative energy that may be trapped in the water from its recycling. Smoky Quartz, Washes away negative beliefs and emotions, including those brought about by electricity magnetic fields.


In Children's Bed Room

In Children's Bed Room: Children are often plagued by nightmares or fears in the night. To help with this you can give them a set of crystals to arrange in their own grid each night, depending on what's troubling them. They will feel happy that they are protected by it. It's also nice to hang a faceted piece of rainbow quartz in their window, so that with the morning light they will be bathed in rainbow colors.

A salt lamp would be very good in here too if the children have any electrical toys or computers in their room. Clear Quartz will helps amplifies and transforms energy. It is a very powerful tool, but must be used correctly, as it can also mirror the energy already present.


In Balcony

In Balcony: The right sort of sanctuary in the balcony can become a haven of tranquillity. Unfortunately, if you have a city balcony, the chances are it will be full of positive ions, which are produced by pollution. Pollution also reduces the production of negative ions, which we get from sunlight, wind and clean rain.

So if you are going to spend some quiet time in your balcony sanctuary, light some salt crystal tea lights around you, or bury a crystal grid beneath your seating area. Turqurenite, Reduces pain, and in a healthy person, brings passion and vitality.


In Kitchen Room

In Kitchen Room: As this room is often the heart of the home, it needs special attention and should be the first one you deal with. Recommendations would be Amethyst to encourage creativity in your culinary skills. Also Red Tiger Eye to aid digestion, and when placed on the window sill, this brown chalcedony quartz will bring vigour in with the light, so that even if you are tired after work, you will be serene and powerful in your food preparation.

Another excellent one for the food preparation areas is Blue Obsidian. This is said not only to aid digestion, but also to prevent infection. Blue Obsidian however, is not a natural crystal. It is said to have been man-made, its method of manufacture having been channelled from Atlantis, rather than the mineral growing; so if you are a purist, then you might not appreciate the energy from Blue Obsidian.

One of the best things to do with crystals in the kitchen is to prepare Elixirs. These are drinks made from crystal-charged water. Water itself in its pure form has the ability to accept energies and store them, and it can of course absorb energy from crystals. The easiest way to do this is to place a crystal in a glass of water and leave it in the sunlight. To gain the most benefit, it takes about 24 hours. This is so that the crystal goes through a complete cycle of sun and moonlight. To make the Elixir into a tincture that will stay fresh for a time, you will need to add 50% brandy to the mix, but only after the crystal has done its work and been removed from the water.

It's best to use water that has been distilled, or drawn from a reverse-osmosis filter, so that the crystal's energy isn't contaminated by mineral deposits in the water.

The stones themselves must be chosen with care. Always use totally natural ones, such as clear Quartz or Amethyst. Stay away from Smoky Quartz for instance, which may have been dyed to enhance its colour. Only buy your crystals for the Elixir from reliable sources.

When you want to use the Tinctures, for re-energizing or healing, put 5 to 10 drops into a glass of distilled water and drink it. This can also be used as a spray where healing is needed.

The kitchen is of course full of electrical devices, which produce positive ions, which are harmful to life. Salt crystal lamps and tea light holders (when lit) produce negative ions, and in this case, the 'negative' aspects are actually the ones that are good for our health, so keep lamps and tea lights alight as much as possible when you spend time in the kitchen.

One of the worst devices, energy-wise in the kitchen is the microwave oven. A quick test to see if your crystals are working properly is to stand in front of your microwave (with it running) with one arm outstretched (level with your shoulder, and pointing forwards). Have somebody use just two fingers to press downwards on your arm (at the wrist), while you try and resist. If you are subject to positive ions, you won't be able to resist and your arm will drop. If however, your arm remains strong, you are safe.

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